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Earring Styles

Basket Tension Back

EF14228 with Decorative Earwire

Antique With Earwire

Crown Threaded Back

Simply Geometric With Fancy Earwire

Bezel Threaded Back

EF14228 with Leverback

Basket Leverback

EF13324 with Decorative Earwire

Antique Tension Back

Crown Leverback

Simply Geometric Threaded Back

Bezel Tension Back

EF13324 with Leverback

Martini Threaded Back

EF14228 Threaded Back

Antique Leverback

Basket With Decorative Earwire

Simply Geometric Tension Back

Bezel Leverback

Crown Tension

Martini Tension Back

EF13324 Threaded Back

Basket With Earwire

Simply Geometric Leverback

Antique With Decorative Earwire

Crown With Decorative Earwire

Bezel With Decorative Earwire

EF14228 Tension Back

Basket Threaded Back

EF13324 with Earwire

Antique Threaded Back

Crown With Earwire

Simply Geometric With Earwire

Bezel With Earwire

EF13324 Tension Back