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What We Do

What do we do?


But, if you dig a little deeper you’ll realize that what we actual do is make memories, celebrate milestones and provide for wow moments.

David Nytch Original 2016 Necklace

If you want your significant other, family member or anyone to be blown away, you’ll want to stop by West and Company.

Over 35 years ago, a dream was born. A dream to design, craft and create fine jewelry. A dream to become a nationally recognized jewelry designer. A dream to make your dreams come true.

Now, West and Company Diamonds does just that. We take your ideas and create one of a kind jewelry from scratch.

West and Company offers an attention to detail unprecedented in the jewelry industry that was recently recognized by the Independent Jewelers Association. (2017 Design of the Year)

Starting with an idea of what you want created, David uses a sophisticated CAD computer drawing system to create 3D models of the jewelry he’s creating. Once approved by the customer, he begins creating the one of a kind piece. A mold is made, the metal is injected, cooled and then the hand craftsmanship begins. As David always says "I don’t cut corners to save a few bucks... It’s done right or it’s not worth doing. I believe in being honest and straightforward."

All of our jewelry repair and custom jewelry creation takes place in house. You can meet the people who are working on your most valuable and precious items. This allows us to not only make sure you are satisfied but also to be detailed oriented with our work.

West and Company is an avid supporter of the community and you can find our donations sprinkled throughout to help these organizations continue doing the amazing work that they do.

David is a graduate of the prestigious Rochester Institute of Technology’s - School for the American Crafts and the Gemological Institute of America; a DeBeers Diamonds Today award-winning exclusive jewelry designer, and master goldsmith with over thirty-five years of experience.

We are proud to have the distinction of being a member of the American Gem Society. The AGS only accepts jewelry stores with the absolute highest standards of business ethics and professionalism in the jewelry industry. Less than 5 percent of all jewelry stores in America are accepted into this distinguished society.

With pieces starting at a $28 fashion bracelet and going up to whatever you want to spend, there’s something for everyone. 

“I am truly more interested in my customer’s satisfaction than anything else. I always focus on the details; the details make all the difference between an average piece of jewelry and a spectacular one. I greatly enjoy working with clients to create that special piece and the look on their faces when it is presented is as good as it gets. Most importantly though, I REALLY LOVE what I do. It is an obsession. I love the diamonds, the endless colors of gems, and the feel of the precious metals in my hands. I love to create beautiful jewelry; there is nothing in the world like it. For me it is not just a way to make a living it is who I am." 

- David West, Owner, West and Company Diamonds and Award Winning Jewelry Designer