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Just what can over 35 years of hand on experience create? Original, one-of-a-kind piece designed with just you in mind. David is a multi-award winning jewelry designer and master goldsmith who has reached the highest honors in the jewelry world. You can even find his designs in gemology textbooks!

First step in the process is an in person meeting with David. This allows you to go over the elements of your piece such as type of metal, gemstones, diamonds and more. You can bring a stone you already own and have David design around that too.

Then, David will create a CAD, 3D rendering of the piece. At this point you have liberty to tweak or approve the design. From there it goes into production. This is where David casts a mold, buffs and polishes the metal, sets the stones and then buffs and polishes the whole piece.

No matter what David makes, he makes sure it’s right. So when you have a piece designed, it will always be the way you dreamed it.


Your fine jewelry should be professionally cleaned and checked every 6 months at the least. This allows us to make sure your fine jewelry is safe to wear every day by making sure that the stones aren’t loose or that the metal hasn’t worn too thin. Plus, a professional clean will bring back the original shine to your items.


Fine jewelry needs care and maintenance, and at times, repairs. At West and Company our reputation is built upon the outstanding quality of the work we do. From simple chain repair to the most intricate of our award winning designs, the quality of craftsmanship is evident. Our state of the art, in house shop, can handle all of your repairs in a timely and professional manner.


A jewelry appraisal can be among the most important documents you will ever acquire. We recommend that any jewelry that’s value is over $2000 has not only an appraisal, but also an additional rider on your insurance (usually only a small monthly fee). This covers not only stolen jewelry but also losing a precious stone. You need a recognized professional who can provide accurate information and reliable documentation of the quality and value of your jewelry, and we can do just that.

At West and Company Diamonds, we offer full insurance replacement documentation and estate appraisals. It is in your best interest to work with an unbiased appraiser you can trust...an American Gem Society Certified Appraiser.

A Certified Gemological Appraiser (CGA) is recognized throughout the jewelry industry as an appraisal authority. The title of CGA is the highest award by the American Gem Society. It is bestowed upon only those retail jewelers who comply with the american Gem Society Appraisal Standards and have proven expertise and professionalism.

Make an appointment with David today and make sure your valuables are properly documents and protected.